Trussville Tales

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — It is nice to type that ten-letter dateline again.

I covered the city of Trussville, my hometown, full time for a handful of years before moving on. I wrote about sweltering nights on the Jack Wood Stadium sidelines, a tornado that tore up the terrain, snow that canceled more school than I ever missed, tense city council meetings that lasted until my bedtime, and a thousand other things that found their way into the pages of the local newspaper.

Now, I’m back covering the city. Sort of. 

I’m writing some stories here and there for the Cahaba Sun, the monthly newspaper under the Starnes Publishing imprint. Maybe you’ve seen some of my stories so far.

Trussville Police Chief Eric Rush

So far, I’ve had stories published about Ferus Artisan Ales, a local brewery that will anchor an entertainment district that will transform downtown Trussville forever. I spent an hour among the distillery barrels talking with Coby Lake, the project’s developer.

I’ve written a cover story that essentially wished Trussville City Hall a happy 60th birthday and called it old. I’ve written about the Trussville Senior Activity Center, a place I would like to retire to now.

I’ve sat with Trussville Police Chief Eric Rush, and I still haven’t apologized to him for using his last name in one of the most obvious action-movie puns of all-time for my headline. I’ve spent time discussing retirement with educators who have been here forever, one of which taught me in eighth grade.

Jennifer Cardwell and Beth Bruno

I even found my way back onto the sidelines for a Huskies game, a fifty-point outpouring against Oak Mountain.

More stories are in the hopper, mostly about the people who make this a great place. Make sure you are following the Cahaba Sun on Facebook so you don’t miss them.

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