More Trussville stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- I’ve had a few more stories published in the Cahaba Sun, a great monthly newspaper that covers the city of Trussville. Here’s a story on a five-hour barbecue cook-off, at which you can stuff your face for a great cause. Here’s a story on Cahaba Elementary School developing a project … Continue reading More Trussville stories

Trussville Tales

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- It is nice to type that ten-letter dateline again. I covered the city of Trussville, my hometown, full time for a handful of years before moving on. I wrote about sweltering nights on the Jack Wood Stadium sidelines, a tornado that tore up the terrain, snow that canceled more school … Continue reading Trussville Tales

Today’s news

Today, I want to share some real news with you.You’ve been hearing all about fake news. Your social media outlets have been inundated with clickbait.Just today, April 10, 2017, you’ve endured a lot on your timelines. A murder-suicide inside an elementary school in San Bernardino, California, where two students were caught in the crossfire.Russia allegedly having … Continue reading Today’s news