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Today’s news

Today, I want to share some real news with you.

You’ve been hearing all about fake news. Your social media outlets have been inundated with clickbait.

Just today, April 10, 2017, you’ve endured a lot on your timelines. 

A murder-suicide inside an elementary school in San Bernardino, California, where two students were caught in the crossfire.

Russia allegedly having advanced knowledge of the Syrian chemical attack on its own citizens last week.

ISIS claiming responsibility for the Palm Sunday church bombings in Egypt.

A cell phone video of a man being dragged, screaming, from a United Airlines flight because it was overbooked. The airline’s CEO released a statement, saying he apologizes for having to “re-accommodate these customers.” 

And most of you reading this, what fills your airwaves today is your state’s governor finding himself in the middle of impeachment hearings, the text messages and documents released in the last few days as crude and abhorrent as anything we’ve seen — even for Alabama politics.

You see all of that. It’s everywhere. I want to tell you a quick story about something you won’t see on FOX News or CNN or hear on the radio.

It happened Saturday morning. My wife and I stopped at Bojangles, just over a mile from our house. She ordered the Cheddar Bo Biscuit, while I opted for a chicken biscuit. We both chose large drinks. The total was ten dollars.

When we curved around the building and reached the drive-thru window, we were told that our breakfast had been paid for by the vehicle in front of us. It had already left the restaurant. So, we paid for the breakfast for the people behind us. It was a dad buying his son a Bo-Berry Biscuit before heading to Saturday’s Little League baseball games.

He pulled up beside us, as we were still waiting on our food, rolled his window down, and thanked us. His son, younger than ten years old, smiled at us.

I read about these occurrences all the time on Facebook. It happens at Chick-fil-A, Bojangles, Jack’s, elsewhere. It’s always so fun and refreshing to read about. 

That’s real news today. So pay it forward.