Heart of the Plate

Heart of the Plate

“What a great book about overcoming obstacles and struggles in life. Life isn’t about what you did yesterday, but what you do today. This book tells a great story of picking yourself up and doing what’s right.”

— Wes Helms, former Major League Baseball player with the Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Florida Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies

Jeff Wright is at the pinnacle of his Major League Baseball career, earning his way into his first All-Star Game. Not long after, Jeff suffers a gruesome, career-ending injury and ventures down a path of self-destruction, and becomes addicted to painkillers. He is arrested for drug possession. Upon completing a stint in a rehabilitation center, Jeff returns to his hometown of Lewis Rock, Georgia, where he discovers the town’s largest job source, Reynolds Manufacturing, is being sold off and will leave hundreds jobless. He also attempts to rekindle a love that he lost years ago. What begins as mandatory community service for Jeff’s arrest quickly becomes his saving grace. Follow along as Jeff helps his hometown through a difficult time the only way he knows how — through baseball.

“This is a great story about a man, a community and a baseball team dealing with adversity and making the best of their situation to overcome it. An inspirational book reminding you that nothing is promised in life, so enjoy it.”

— Matt Guerrier, former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs

“This is a read for anyone who believes in the power of faith and how the journey to the top requires all of us touch the bottom.”

— Karen Johns, former U.S. Junior National Softball Team head coach

“Sometimes, we think that path we have planned and mapped out for our lives is best. This story serves as an example that when we think our dream is gone, God gives us His path for our lives.”

— Jason Standridge, former Major League Baseball first-round draft pick

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