Making sense of the muse

I’ve heard Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned Alabama author Rick Bragg speak several times about “the muse,” that source of creativity a writer relies on to put words on a page. He has not spoken of “the muse” glowingly. Writing, like anything else, is a job, he says. It’s hard work. You write for creativity, … Continue reading Making sense of the muse

Catching up on Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- Phew. It’s been a whirlwind the last few months. There is now a two-month-old in our house, and I can’t believe that. What a fun time. Here are my recent stories in the Cahaba Sun. Stay tuned for more in the coming months. I wrote about the trees of Trussville, … Continue reading Catching up on Cahaba Sun stories

New Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- Here are some more stories I’ve had published recently in the Cahaba Sun. First, a feature story on June Mathews, the executive director of the Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce, a position she originally did not want. Second, a story on the Trussville population expectations in the 2020 Census, including … Continue reading New Cahaba Sun stories

November Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- I had a trio of person-focused feature stories in the November issue of the Cahaba Sun. Here’s a story fitting for Veteran’s Day, on a 97-year-old Trussville veteran who describes himself as a “workaholic” and tells lies with his buddies at the local Hardee’s. His story is inspiring. Here’s a … Continue reading November Cahaba Sun stories

More Trussville stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- I’ve had a few more stories published in the Cahaba Sun, a great monthly newspaper that covers the city of Trussville. Here’s a story on a five-hour barbecue cook-off, at which you can stuff your face for a great cause. Here’s a story on Cahaba Elementary School developing a project … Continue reading More Trussville stories

Trussville Tales

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- It is nice to type that ten-letter dateline again. I covered the city of Trussville, my hometown, full time for a handful of years before moving on. I wrote about sweltering nights on the Jack Wood Stadium sidelines, a tornado that tore up the terrain, snow that canceled more school … Continue reading Trussville Tales