Home on the range

By Gary Lloyd   I have stood inside the ropes at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, among the pink azaleas and tall dogwoods, and played for free at the Country Club of Birmingham, yet, inexplicably, I can’t get a long-shuttered driving range out of my mind.     It always seemed to be on … Continue reading Home on the range

That’s news to me

By Gary Lloyd  The spine is tearing and the dog-eared pages are beginning to curl, but the words inside still hold together. Well, at least they do for me. It’s a book from my freshman year of college, titled Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How, by James Stovall, and its importance was lectured to … Continue reading That’s news to me

Understanding a place like Mississippi

By Gary Lloyd  I’ve spent quite a bit of time swimming deep in the words Henry David Thoreau penned about Walden Pond, the novella Ernest Hemingway authored about a man battling a marlin in the Gulf Stream, and the colorful descriptions Rick Bragg illustrated about Mobile Bay.  I have not spent much time diving into … Continue reading Understanding a place like Mississippi

Deer in the floodlights 

By Gary Lloyd  I have never killed a deer. Heck, I’ve never stared at one through the scope of a Remington or from atop a deer stand strapped tight to a tall oak.  No, for most of my life I’ve only seen deer from a heated seat of a Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sorento, through … Continue reading Deer in the floodlights 

Baseball in October

I’m writing this in October, because the feelings, the frustrations over base-running miscues and late-inning disappointments, are fresh. Bluntly? The Atlanta Braves broke my heart again. It’s a theme. All Braves fans know it. When good things are happening, some sort of disappointment is bound to follow. The Braves reached the National League Championship Series … Continue reading Baseball in October

Bookends on 2020

As an author and longtime keeper of books I forgot I even owned, bookends are necessities in my house. And what’s crazy is I don’t even have real bookends. You know, the fancy ones from Pier 1 and Wayfair. I just use whatever I can find — thicker hardbacks, wide picture frames, Bear Bryant-themed Coca-Cola … Continue reading Bookends on 2020

Making sense of the muse

I’ve heard Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned Alabama author Rick Bragg speak several times about “the muse,” that source of creativity a writer relies on to put words on a page. He has not spoken of “the muse” glowingly. Writing, like anything else, is a job, he says. It’s hard work. You write for creativity, … Continue reading Making sense of the muse

Catching up on Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- Phew. It’s been a whirlwind the last few months. There is now a two-month-old in our house, and I can’t believe that. What a fun time. Here are my recent stories in the Cahaba Sun. Stay tuned for more in the coming months. I wrote about the trees of Trussville, … Continue reading Catching up on Cahaba Sun stories

New Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- Here are some more stories I’ve had published recently in the Cahaba Sun. First, a feature story on June Mathews, the executive director of the Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce, a position she originally did not want. Second, a story on the Trussville population expectations in the 2020 Census, including … Continue reading New Cahaba Sun stories

November Cahaba Sun stories

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- I had a trio of person-focused feature stories in the November issue of the Cahaba Sun. Here’s a story fitting for Veteran’s Day, on a 97-year-old Trussville veteran who describes himself as a “workaholic” and tells lies with his buddies at the local Hardee’s. His story is inspiring. Here’s a … Continue reading November Cahaba Sun stories