What I’ve Seen

By Gary Lloyd This coronavirus stuff sucks. I’ll begin with that. It’s obvious. It has ended lives and made hundreds of thousands fear for theirs. It has stunted life for much of the world. Scary. But, I’ve also seen so much good these past few weeks in quarantine. Here are just some of those things … Continue reading What I’ve Seen

Sandlot Sonny

By Gary Lloyd As someone who writes stories, I am conditioned to find the theme, to dig for the hidden meaning like a dog after whatever lies a foot beneath the backyard grass. I spend more time searching for it -- in books, in interviews, in my own mind -- than actually sitting down and … Continue reading Sandlot Sonny

Field of Themes

By Gary Lloyd Before my YouTube channel included interviews with Alabama football stars, scenes from tornado-ravaged cities and city council meetings, and seldom-watched book promotions, there was a lone video. It sat alone in cyberspace for just over two years, and I was happy to keep it that way. Until now. I realized a life … Continue reading Field of Themes

Braves team reminds of days gone by

When you’re a kid in Alabama, playing Little League baseball at dusty fields, you pray that the team that selects you for the spring season will be the Braves. You want that navy blue hat with the script A. You want Braves emblazoned across your chest in cursive. You want to pull your gray pants … Continue reading Braves team reminds of days gone by

Community Heroes Week returns to Atlanta Braves in August

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Braves Foundation and FOX Sports South have announced the return of Community Heroes Week, the inspiring, weeklong community recognition initiative. The third annual Community Heroes Week will take place Aug. 13-17, when the Braves host the Miami Marlins and Colorado Rockies. Nominations are now being accepted and can be submitted on … Continue reading Community Heroes Week returns to Atlanta Braves in August

A bit about ‘Heart of the Plate’

My third book, Heart of the Plate, is one that I wrote rather quickly.Some may think that it is not of a certain quality, since I wrote it in about four months and had it published five months after the release of Deep Green. That's for others who read it to judge and not me.But I … Continue reading A bit about ‘Heart of the Plate’

Pitches and promises

The sophomore pitcher circled the mound before the first batter stepped into the box, and then he bent over behind the rubber. He extended his left hand and began to use his index finger as a pencil for the cool dirt. It was winter, and the high school baseball season was just underway. He was … Continue reading Pitches and promises

Root, root, root for the Cubbies

I sent him everywhere, to softball games in Clay and Pinson, to football games in Trussville and Gardendale. There’s no telling how many sets of bleachers I sent him to sit in, but he was always willing and eager, even when he was forced to tote his oxygen tank.He loved sports as much as anyone … Continue reading Root, root, root for the Cubbies

A bond beyond baseball

The baseball coach felt as if the pastor was talking directly to him. Sure, there was a congregation full of people, but the message was so pointed, so personal, that it felt like a one-on-one conversation. The sermon was about stepping outside of your comfort zone. The coach had always talked to his high school players … Continue reading A bond beyond baseball