The shop

This story appears in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   I was legitimately terrified. It was my first summer job, and I was ill-prepared. I knew nothing of carburetors and SAE-30, and I wasn’t strong enough to lift close to a hundred pounds of metal alone. A buddy’s parents … Continue reading The shop

Book Excerpt: Sonny Days

By Gary Lloyd I’m working on my sixth book, Sonny Days, the story of our rescue dog Sonny and other inspiring canine stories. I’m still in the latter phases of getting this book put together, but I wanted to share an excerpt from it. The below excerpt comes from Chapter 3, which I titled Settling, … Continue reading Book Excerpt: Sonny Days

Lasting Lines

You know that great one-liner from your favorite movie? Or how you can quote seemingly every episode of Friends? It happens with books, too. For whatever reasons, these pages are standing out to me tonight. My Reading Life by Pat Conroy The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg   All Over but the Shoutin' by Rick … Continue reading Lasting Lines

Sean of the South visits Trussville

Sean Dietrich, widely known as Sean of the South, visited the Trussville Public Library on Friday night. Make sure to check out his website, and keep an eye on the Cahaba Sun in the coming months for a feature about the author and entertainer. He has quite a story to tell, and I'm glad I'll … Continue reading Sean of the South visits Trussville

Trussville Tales

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- It is nice to type that ten-letter dateline again. I covered the city of Trussville, my hometown, full time for a handful of years before moving on. I wrote about sweltering nights on the Jack Wood Stadium sidelines, a tornado that tore up the terrain, snow that canceled more school … Continue reading Trussville Tales

The youth director

This story appears in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   I’m not a big believer in the accuracy of first impressions, but I have one perfect example of it being true. I was in junior high, and beginning to get involved with the wrong crowd. My friend and … Continue reading The youth director

A walk through the Cahaba Project

By Gary Lloyd TRUSSVILLE -- I remember that bottom-floor classroom, the one on the corner of the building not far from the gymnasium where I tried out for the Hewitt-Trussville Junior High School basketball team. I sat near the back of the room with a couple buddies. We laughed during Channel One News and sighed … Continue reading A walk through the Cahaba Project


This story appears in Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get the book here. Pride is a difficult thing to find when you're staring at a building overcome by cracking mortar, "No Trespassing" signs, weeds as tall as a grown man, rusting handrails, doors spray-painted with "X" and shattered windows. It is unsightly and … Continue reading Pride

The best BMX trick

This story appears in Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get the book here.   The elementary school was on the periphery of our coverage area, and I rarely wrote about it. Nothing much happened there.  The extent of my coverage of this school for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders was its need for a … Continue reading The best BMX trick

Sandlot Sonny

By Gary Lloyd As someone who writes stories, I am conditioned to find the theme, to dig for the hidden meaning like a dog after whatever lies a foot beneath the backyard grass. I spend more time searching for it -- in books, in interviews, in my own mind -- than actually sitting down and … Continue reading Sandlot Sonny