Election Day results we can all agree on

By Gary Lloyd

The vitriol online recently regarding today’s elections has been intense.

Left blames Right. Right blames Left. Some hate blue. Others hate red. Strangers clap back at each other on Twitter, from Boston to Bakersfield, from Tacoma to Tuscaloosa. This news is fake. That news is fake.

I saw someone who posted a selfie after voting, the sticker on her shirt, a middle finger pointed toward the camera. Why?

I saw another post in which someone had a question about a speech, and the first response immediately proclaimed the person racist. What?

One man posted that the chance a senator’s “life is gonna be ruined tonight is giving me life.” Really?

Due to this asinine culture of mean Tweets and anonymous hatred, and the ability to state baseless claims behind an iPhone, I have turned on my computer today only to type this short blog post, in which I give you what my Election Day would look like if I had all the power. In full disclosure, I did vote today, and those bubbles I colored in are between me and … well, me.

If you do not like positive, inspiring stories and prefer suits on twenty-four-hour news channels shouting at you, then you should probably just move along.

Let’s get started.


In Connecticut, there is a statewide Kid’s Governor election, and here are the candidates. Jason wants to establish a book library in his neighborhood and increase children’s literacy, so he gets my vote.


Tyler Trent gets the vote here. The former Purdue University student has inspired millions across the country and world in recent weeks with his battle against cancer, and he is inspiring people to think about the right things in life. Plus, he helped Purdue upset Ohio State, and that certainly helps.


James Shaw would be great in this spot. Earlier this year, the 29-year-old Tennessee man saved lives at a local Waffle House when a man opened fire on the restaurant. A bullet grazed Shaw’s elbow, but he was still able to disarm the shooter.

Rodney Smith


This is a no-brainer. Rodney Smith has been all over the country, mowing lawns free of charge for the elderly, single mothers, veterans, and more. He would represent us well.


Mr. Eugene

Another no-brainer, this vote goes to the students at Moody (Ala.) Elementary School, who on Oct. 2, National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day, had a surprise for Mr. Eugene, the school’s custodian. He thought there had been a “little accident” in the gym when, in fact, there was instead a huge surprise.


No, that’s not a typo. My election does not include a state treasurer. Instead, it includes a state treasure, and that is Little River Canyon in Alabama. Read about that here.

Little River Canyon Falls


A runoff! How do you choose between a Tarrant (Ala.) High School graduate, Corey Patrick, who had been taking a transit bus to school all year, getting up as early as 4:30 a.m. to make the 5:41 a.m. bus, and a four-year-old feeding the homeless while wearing a superhero cape? This was too tough to call.

Have any inspiring stories to share? Let me know!

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