Two positive stories from Birmingham

By Gary Lloyd

There are positive stories happening in Birmingham.

Two recently stand out.

A Tarrant High School graduate, Corey Patrick, had been taking a transit bus to school all year, getting up as early as 4:30 a.m. to make the 5:41 a.m. bus. He took the bus to his graduation this month, wearing his cap and gown. Determination. Read about that here.

Radio host Rickey Smiley gave Patrick his own car Friday morning. A graduation party is planned for Patrick on June 23 in Birmingham.

How awesome is that?

In other Birmingham-area uplifting news, a 4-year-old is acting as a superhero by feeding the homeless. His catchphrase? “Don’t forget to show love.” You can read more about Austin Perine and donate to his cause here.

And people think only negative news comes out of Birmingham.


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