The youth director

This story appears in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   I’m not a big believer in the accuracy of first impressions, but I have one perfect example of it being true. I was in junior high, and beginning to get involved with the wrong crowd. My friend and … Continue reading The youth director

Sandlot Sonny

By Gary Lloyd As someone who writes stories, I am conditioned to find the theme, to dig for the hidden meaning like a dog after whatever lies a foot beneath the backyard grass. I spend more time searching for it -- in books, in interviews, in my own mind -- than actually sitting down and … Continue reading Sandlot Sonny

Moody makes national news for right reasons

By Gary Lloyd MOODY – The city I call home has gone viral for the right reason. In a school not a half mile from my house, a beautiful thing happened. On Oct. 2, National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day, the students and faculty of Moody Elementary School had a surprise. In a video posted several … Continue reading Moody makes national news for right reasons

The piano man

A chapter from "Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South"by Gary Lloyd, complete with video of the man playing the piano: As long as I have known him, he has played the piano. At Christmas, Mr. Darby would play “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” at my grandmother’s house. He could have … Continue reading The piano man

A rundown on my 5 books

My full house is complete. Two fiction novels and three works of nonfiction. And due to work and graduate school, I may not be publishing another book for quite a while, despite having several ideas in mind. Who knows, though? Maybe I'll have another published in the near future. It's something I love doing.So, in the meantime, … Continue reading A rundown on my 5 books

New book chronicles Florida wheelchair ramp ministry

All proceeds to benefit Ray of Hope nonprofit MOODY, Ala. – Author Gary Lloyd has released his fifth book, Ray of Hope.Jimmy Ray was quiet, shy, and humble, but even the most unassuming people have burning passions in their hearts. Jimmy’s was for the disabled, those in northwest Florida who were stuck inside their homes because … Continue reading New book chronicles Florida wheelchair ramp ministry