‘Sonny Days’ is available

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. -- Gary Lloyd has released his sixth book, Sonny Days: Struggles, Scenery and Solace with the World’s Strangest Shelter Dog. The book’s official release date is July 29. Sonny Days is the story of Sonny, a brown Labrador-hound mix strayed in Bessemer, Alabama, and rescued by the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Before he … Continue reading ‘Sonny Days’ is available

Greyhound racing ends in Birmingham

‘Perfect storm of circumstances’ spells the end By Gary Lloyd BIRMINGHAM -- Live greyhound racing has ended at the Birmingham Race Course. Birmingham Racing Commission Executive Director Kip Keefer confirmed the news Wednesday night, saying that he “had no involvement or input on the decision to discontinue live racing.” Keefer, who served as the race … Continue reading Greyhound racing ends in Birmingham

‘Sonny Days’ interview excerpts

By Gary Lloyd Presented without context, here are some memorable quotes that will appear in my next book, Sonny Days. “Dogs have been everything to me. My best friends were dogs. They were the ones who didn’t ask questions. They were the ones who unconditionally gave you that kind of fix that you needed, that … Continue reading ‘Sonny Days’ interview excerpts

Book Excerpt: Sonny Days

By Gary Lloyd I’m working on my sixth book, Sonny Days, the story of our rescue dog Sonny and other inspiring canine stories. I’m still in the latter phases of getting this book put together, but I wanted to share an excerpt from it. The below excerpt comes from Chapter 3, which I titled Settling, … Continue reading Book Excerpt: Sonny Days

Sandlot Sonny

By Gary Lloyd As someone who writes stories, I am conditioned to find the theme, to dig for the hidden meaning like a dog after whatever lies a foot beneath the backyard grass. I spend more time searching for it -- in books, in interviews, in my own mind -- than actually sitting down and … Continue reading Sandlot Sonny

Governor announces death of state’s ‘first dog’

MONTGOMERY — The Office of the Governor is sad to announce the death of Bear, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s beloved dog, who passed away Friday from ongoing health issues. Bear, a 14-year-old Chow mix, was adopted by Ivey in 2005 from a local vet after he was hit by a car. Gov. Kay Ivey and Bear … Continue reading Governor announces death of state’s ‘first dog’

Research points to social media as key tool for animal shelters, rescues

NEW YORK – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals released the results of a new surveyy conducted by Edge Research, which reveals the positive impact social media has had on the animal shelter and rescue community. According to more than 800 shelters, rescue and municipal animal agency professionals and volunteers surveyed, … Continue reading Research points to social media as key tool for animal shelters, rescues

‘Dogs are love, plain and simple’

By Gary Lloyd A book on a dog may sound far-fetched, but Sonny has been hounding me. OK, so those puns are enough to maybe earn pity laughs, but I’m serious. I’m writing a book about Sonny and other dogs. Fur real. I’m done. I promise. I’m still in the early stages of this book … Continue reading ‘Dogs are love, plain and simple’