Trussville History Museum open Nov. 12

The Trussville History Museum inside Heritage Hall in Trussville will be open Saturday, Nov. 12.

The museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., plenty of time to learn about the city’s past before Alabama takes on Ole Miss.

Heritage Hall is located at 225 Parkway Drive in Trussville.

Stop by!

Check out this promo I shot for the museum:

One thought on “Trussville History Museum open Nov. 12

  1. I was 14 in 1950 when I went to my first dance in the small room to the right in Heritage Hall. Known to us kids then as “The Rec.”. There was an RCA 45 rpm record player and always someone’s Mom would be there to keep an eye on us! There was a room across the rear of the center of the building that Mr. Sutter placed a used pool table for us boys. Never saw a girl in there. I just remembered that! The pool table didn’t have any pockets so Mrs. Sutter crocheted them and Mr. Sutter installed them. Gary, thank you so much for the work you have put in for preserving Trussville’s past for future citizens and also memories for us old folks. I have lived at 205 and 206 Lake St. also 408 Seminole Lane. 205 was next door to Mrs. Jane Alexander when she was a little girl. Her brother Edwin is my age and we were friends. 


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