Trussville cemetery lands on state historical list

By Gary Lloyd

A Trussville cemetery is now listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register by the Alabama Historical Commission.

Mt. Nebo Cemetery, located on U.S. Highway 11, was favorably reviewed by the Commission late this year. Mt. Nebo is the 43rd cemetery in Jefferson County to be listed in the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register, which now features 948 cemeteries statewide. The listing is the official register of historic cemeteries in Alabama.

A grave at Mt. Nebo Cemetery in Trussville (photo by Gary Lloyd)

The Trussville Memorial Cemetery, which sits across from Trussville City Hall, was listed in 2017. Both cemeteries are overseen by the Trussville Cemetery Rehabilitation Authority, which was created in early 2021. Serving on the board are Pat Glenn, John Patterson, Eric Frederick, Gary Lloyd and Trussville City Councilwoman Jaime Melton Anderson.

Mt. Nebo Cemetery is located directly across U.S. Highway 11 from Trussville First Presbyterian Church. A historical marker that was once located near the church suggests that the cemetery was founded in 1860, seven years before the church was founded. Sinkler Lathem, who deeded plots of land for the church and Georgiana Davis Masonic Lodge No. 338, is buried in this cemetery. Some possible grave sites here are marked only by rocks.

The Cahawba Baptist Cemetery, now known to most as the Trussville Memorial Cemetery, is likely the most recognizable cemetery in the city. The older side of this cemetery is located near a large magnolia tree on the south end of the cemetery. Potential graves in this area are marked by stones and concrete markers, some that appear to contain no names or dates, perhaps never etched onto stone or faded over long periods of time. Some of the earliest burials here appear to have taken place in the late 1800s. A historical marker was unveiled at the site on the 140th anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Trussville on July 16, 1961. Warren Truss, Thomas K. Truss and other early settlers of Trussville are buried in this cemetery. 

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