Trussville City Council ballot set

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The race for the five Trussville City Council places is set.

The election will be held Aug. 25.

Trussville City Hall
Trussville City Hall (photo by Gary Lloyd)

Unlike most years, there is a race for all five places on the city council. Mayor Buddy Choat is running for a second term unopposed. Place 3 is the lone spot without an incumbent, as Jef Freeman decided not to seek re-election this year.

It got me thinking, a month ahead of the election, which ways might Trussville citizens be leaning? So, below are polls where you can select — anonymously — who you will vote for Aug. 25. It could be interesting to see.

Remember, local elections are important.

*Note: Please only vote once. Crowdsignal settings didn’t allow me to limit the number of votes one person can submit.

UPDATE: These polls are now closed due to my account with Crowdsignal reaching the maximum number of votes on the app’s free version.

One thought on “Trussville City Council ballot set

  1. Thanks for putting this poll together. I did notice you can vote as many times as you want so not sure if it will reveal an accurate count. Campaign is going well and excited everyone has an opponent! Thx Gary for all you do!!

    Blessings…Lisa Bright

    CEO Will Bright Foundation 6647 Green Drive, Suite 107 Trussville, Alabama 35173 205-862-9086 (Cell)



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