Hewitt-Trussville announces graduation ceremony

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — COVID-19 isn’t going to keep the Class of 2020 down.

Hewitt-Trussville High School will hold a graduation ceremony June 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Hewitt-Trussville Stadium. Four tickets per family will be allotted at a later date, and the ceremony will also be live-streamed.

More details will follow on the high school’s website.

Additionally,  the week of May 18, Trussville City Schools is encouraging the city — businesses, homes, etc. — to turn Trussville red in honor of the Class of 2020 with red ribbons, banners, window signs,  balloons and more.

On May 22, Trussville City Schools will host a caravan on six bus routes in the city of Trussville between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Teachers would like to tell students that they did a great job and to have a nice summer.

Trussville City students in K-12 who live on the routes will see the School Resource Officer leading the caravan followed by a school bus and elementary, middle school and high school faculty and staff, principals, the superintendent and Huey Husky in their own cars. Special signs are being made.

photo by Gary Lloyd

At 8:30 a.m., the caravan will leave the parking lot of each elementary school and stay on a designated route led by the SRO. The caravans will return to the schools around 9:30 a.m. Students are asked to stay in their own yard or on their own porch and practice social distancing during the caravan. No candy is to be thrown.

Any K-12 student who does not live on a route and would like to see the caravan should go to either Cahaba, Magnolia or Paine elementary school at 8:30 a.m. for the start of the caravan or 9:30 a.m. for the end of the caravan.


Magnolia Elementary Route (includes middle and high school students)

Bus route: Start at Magnolia Elementary School at 8:30 am

Straight across from bus loop at 4 way stop sign onto Magnolia Heights Dr.

Follow Magnolia Heights until intersects with Alabama Blvd.

Turn Left onto Alabama Blvd then bare Right at stop sign onto Alabama Dr.

Alabama DR then Left on Lynn, then Left on Yvonne, then Right on Annette to 4 way and continue straight.

Turn around at Post Office area and turn Right back onto Hawk Ridge (becomes Annette).

At 4 way stop turn Right on Dawns then Left onto Barkwood Cove then Right onto Barkwood Trace.

Follow Barkwood to Right turn onto Hidden Brooke Dr until intersects with Trace Way and turn Left.

Follow Trace until intersects with Hidden Way Ln and turn Right to return to the school and loop across the front of the school.

Cahaba Elementary Route (includes middle and high school students) * BUS 1 and BUS 2*

Bus #1 Route – Start at Cahaba Elementary School

Turn right out of parking lot and make the loop around Cherokee/Seminole.

Come back down the hill to the 4 way and turn Right onto Parkway.

Come to next stop sign and turn Left onto Poplar, continue to traffic light and go straight to across to Rockridge.

From Rockridge turn Right on Magnolia St, turn Right onto York and follow until Left turn onto Hewitt.

Follow Hewitt until intersects N Chalkville and turn Left.

From N Chalkville turn Right onto Magnolia and then Right onto Meadow Lane.

At end of Meadow Lane turn Left until reach Parkway Drive and turn Left.

Follow Parkway Drive back to Cahaba Elementary School and loop through bus line.

Bus #2 Route – Cahaba Elementary

Will start route at Linden Street:

Turn Right onto Linden off of N Chalkville(past the Methodist Church)

Follow Linden and bare Right onto Glenn, then bare Left back onto LInden.

Continue on Linden until Right turn on Tiffany Dr, then Left on Kayla, then Left on Vanessa, Left back onto Linden.

From Linden, turn Right on Highland, Right on Club Dr, Right on Roundabout, and Left on Calumet Pl.

Follow Calumet to Hwy 11 and turn Right and then Right onto Tutwiler Dr.

From Tutwiler Dr turn Right onto Woodward and follow Woodward all the way around to Levert.

Turn Left on Levert then Right on Wimberly and then Left back onto Tutwiler.

Follow Tutwiler back to Hwy 11 and turn Right.

Follow Hwy 11 to Left turn into Brooke’s Crossings.

Brooke’s Crossings Blvd to Left on Chase Ct.

Follow Chase to Left on Ashlyn then to Left on Skylar then Right back onto Chase.

Follow Chase to Right onto Wilson to Left back onto Chase.

Exit Brooke’s Crossings and return to Cahaba Elementary to loop through bus line.

Paine Elementary Routes (includes middle and high school students) *Bus 1, Bus 2, & Bus 3*

Paine Elementary Bus Route #1

Hwy 11(towards Publix) then turn Left onto Camp Coleman Rd; continue straight until Left turn onto Wind Song Dr.

Follow Wind Song Dr. until end and turn around and come back out of neighborhood.

Follow path back to Hwy 11 and go straight across to Deerfoot Pkwy.

Follow Deerfoot Pkwy past Lake Vista and Deerfoot Crossing and then Left onto Jonathan’s Way (Pilgrim’s Rest) follow to 4 way stop.

At 4 way turn Right onto Plymouth Rock Dr and follow around until back at Deerfoot and turn Right and then Right again onto Trussville Clay Rd.

Follow Trussville Clay to traffic light for Husky Pkwy and Longmeadow and turn Right onto Longmeadow Pkwy.

Continue on Longmeadow Pkwy then turn Left onto Mountain View Trace and then Left onto Clubhouse Dr.

Follow Clubhouse to 4 way stop and turn Left on Longmeadow Way then to next 4 way stop and turn Right.

After Right, follow back to traffic light and go straight across to Husky Pkwy.

Top of Husky Pkwy turn Right on Deerfoot and then go to Paine and loop through front of the school.

Paine Elementary Bus Route #2

Hwy 11 past Paine Elem and turn Right onto Meadowlark Dr(past Amerex) Right and enter back of Stockton.

Follow Jayden until intersects with Park Pass and turn Left then Right onto Caldwell.

Follow Caldwell straight across and continue until Left onto Drew Run then Right back onto Caldwell.

Follow Caldwell to stop and turn Right onto Bethune then Right onto Hwy 11 then Right into Carrington.

Follow Carrington Dr to Ridgeview and turn Right and follow to Herring and turn around and come back out.

Turn Right back onto Carrington Dr and then Right onto Carrington Lane/Parkway then Left onto Highland Dr

Follow Highlands Dr to Highland Trace intersection and turn Right.

Follow Highland Tr back to Carrington Lakes Parkway and go back out past the guard house to stop sign.

At stop sign, turn Right onto Carrington Drive (estates section) and follow until cul-de-sac.

At cul-de-sac turn around and then exit the neighborhood.

At Hwy 11 turn Left and go to Paine Elem and make a loop through the front of the school.

Paine Elementary Bus Route #3

South Chalkville Road then turn Right on Old Roper Rd then turn Right onto Cahaba Manor Dr.

Follow Cahaba Manor to cul-de-sac and turn around and come back out of neighborhood.

Turn Right onto Old Roper Rd and follow to stop sign and then turn Left.

Follow Roper Rd and turn Right onto Gateway Dr. At top of hill turn Left on Rivercrest.

At the end of Rivercrest turn Left on Nobles then Right on Gateway then Right onto Roper to exit neighborhood.

Follow Roper/S Chalkville to Right on Oak Dr E.

Oak Dr E to Right on Hemlock to Left on Ridgewood to Left on Yellow Wood to Left on Oak Dr E.

Follow Oak Dr E to exit neighborhood and turn Right onto Roper/S Chalkville.

S Chalkville to intersection of Hwy 11 and turn Right to travel past Trussville Springs.

Return to Paine to go through front loop.

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