‘Winning Edges’ focuses on God, country, fishing

By Gary Lloyd

BIRMINGHAM – Lions are exceptional hunters, but these Lions, well, they prefer fishing.

The Briarwood Christian School bass team is being featured on a show called “Winning Edges,” the mission of which is to produce hands-on educational and inspirational video content. It provides an opportunity for students to be creative and learn. It is as much video training as it is fishing training.

The fishermen are Briarwood students. So are the producers of the videos.

“I love our young team and how hard they all are working,” the team’s coach, Jay Mathews, told me for this story in 280 Living. “Bass fishing is a lifetime skill, and the values represented by the teams in Alabama are incredible. This is grassroots God, country, fishing. They say a prayer, play the Star-Spangled Banner, and then 250 boats blast off. Just about every fishing team I see has a Bible verse on their team jersey.”

The first episode is out, and you should spend some time watching it. There will be new episodes posted weekly. These are quality videos with impressive instruction from young anglers. I know I learned a lot.


These videos are sure to reel you in.

Interested in learning more about “Winning Edges?” Check out this blog post Mathews wrote.

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