Donations to The Foundry by May 31 will be doubled

BESSEMER, Ala.— People like Cris and Austin are examples of the hundreds of struggling men and women The Foundry serves who benefit from the resources and programs funded by “Matching Challenge” contributions. An anonymous supporter has contributed a total of $25,000 and challenged other friends of The Foundry to donate an additional $25,000 by May 31. 

Cris, a graduate of the ministry’s Recovery Program, shares that The Foundry changed his life: “By giving me the tools and the opportunity to change my previous situation, I regained the trust I had lost with my family and strengthened my relationship with God.” 

Another resident at The Foundry’s Changed Lives Christian Center, Austin, spent years battling addiction and making bad choices that led to a destructive lifestyle. “I built my life on all the wrong foundations, and when troubles came, it all fell apart,” Austin said. Today, Austin is rebuilding his life and “taking the right steps towards living a new lifestyle.” 

“Gifts from the community truly have the power to change lives,” Foundry Ministries Chief Executive Officer Micah Andrews said. “Financial contributions turn into tools, resources, support, classes, meals and more that help the individuals we serve realize their potential and find purpose for their lives.” 

The opportunity to multiply the impact of gifts lasts until May 31. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to make your gift do more good in the lives of addicted and struggling men and women,” Andrews said, encouraging donors to give their best gift by the May 31 deadline. “The funds from our matching challenge donor plus gifts from community partners will double the impact of their generosity. When folks become part of the equation, 1 + you = two. We’ll receive twice the blessings from each donation and be able to offer faith-based recovery programs for even more people seeking freedom from addiction.” 

Andrews invites anyone who would like to give towards the “Matching Challenge” to donate online at or send a contribution to P.O. Box 824, Bessemer, AL 35021. All gifts must be received online or postmarked by May 31, 2018, to help meet the challenge. 

For more information on The Foundry’s outreach services and their programs of Rescue, Recovery and ReEntry, visit