Unlikely stories

This story appears as the prologue in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   Prologue: Unlikely stories Many crime-related articles become commonplace, when you are a newspaper reporter. You grow accustomed to dialing the phone number of a sheriff’s office, texting with a police captain, refreshing your email waiting … Continue reading Unlikely stories

Lasting Lines

You know that great one-liner from your favorite movie? Or how you can quote seemingly every episode of Friends? It happens with books, too. For whatever reasons, these pages are standing out to me tonight. My Reading Life by Pat Conroy The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg   All Over but the Shoutin' by Rick … Continue reading Lasting Lines

Professor Pulitzer

This story is the epilogue to Gary Lloyd's book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   Most people know him through his poignant books on his family, his longform stories on New York bodegas under siege, a bomb in Oklahoma City, a South Carolina mother who drowned her sons, and an … Continue reading Professor Pulitzer


By Gary Lloyd The following story is a chapter in Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here. For a year, all I heard about the state of North Carolina was that controversial bathroom law, the one that upset the LGBT community. High-profile musicians and bands canceled their concerts in Charlotte, Greensboro and … Continue reading Carolina