Pretty Words, Pretty Birds

Rick Bragg called it “pretty writing.” The Pulitzer Prize winner and University of Alabama writing professor, the one who made his name in the writing world at the foot of the rubble in Oklahoma City, the same man who armed himself only with a pen and notepad amongst the unrest and bullets in Haiti and … Continue reading Pretty Words, Pretty Birds

Book of inspiring stories releases Sept. 15

MOODY, Ala. -- Gary Lloyd has released his fourth book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South.The book is broken down into three parts: People, Places and Play. In the People section, Lloyd tells stories of inspirational people, from a BMX stunt team motivating a school of elementary students to a man with severe Alzheimer’s miraculously … Continue reading Book of inspiring stories releases Sept. 15

Departing with my longtime truck

For the first few weeks I lived in Mississippi, I drove a Honda Accord. It was a great car, a crimson-magenta exterior and black leather inside. I was often surprised at how fast it could go. But it was a car. And being a man with a car in Mississippi must be a lot like being … Continue reading Departing with my longtime truck

A Northern city I could call home

This story appears as the prologue in Gary Lloyd’s book, Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South. Get it here.   I have not traveled to many cities up North. I have lived only in Alabama, and Mississippi for six months, and, like most Southerners, my vacations have consisted of the beaches at the Gulf and the … Continue reading A Northern city I could call home

The magic school fuss

If this is my one true superhero power, then I want a mulligan.I could have the power of flight, and avoid all that I-459 traffic in the morning. I could be telepathic, and know what you are thinking. I could teleport to Australia for vacation, to Phoenix for this year’s Final Four, to my favorite … Continue reading The magic school fuss