Pretty Words, Pretty Birds

Rick Bragg called it “pretty writing.” The Pulitzer Prize winner and University of Alabama writing professor, the one who made his name in the writing world at the foot of the rubble in Oklahoma City, the same man who armed himself only with a pen and notepad amongst the unrest and bullets in Haiti and … Continue reading Pretty Words, Pretty Birds

Green Quarantine

The red bricks and thick mortar continue to rise high, but the green will always tower higher.  I have written about Trussville a long time, lived here even longer, and only recently, sans a historical book project in 2013, have I been able to take a step back into the past. We moved to Trussville … Continue reading Green Quarantine

The leaves of Little River Canyon

By Gary Lloyd FORT PAYNE – Growing up, I despised the leaves. There were thousands upon thousands of them, all for me to rake into trash bags and tote to the street for pickup. Leaves routinely kept me and my friends from playing backyard football, driveway basketball, and riding bikes. One time, the piles of … Continue reading The leaves of Little River Canyon